Bergman Heritage 1736


The Bergman Heritage 1736 collection is a homage to a fabled native Finnish ranger, who throughout numerous seasons explored and mentored expeditions in the land of aurora borealis and the vivid woodlands of northern Finland. Ukko [’uk:o] Bergman guided the Académie Française expedition in the 1736 through the wildlife and woodlands of Finnish Lapland.

There is a special piece of the Finnish nature, heritage and traditions instilled in all the items of the Bergman Heritage collection.

Light & Air


VALO (light) and ILMA (air) are jewellery lines designed by a Finnish designer Annina ”Miru” Cederström. The design is based on her original jewellery line, which is made from wood veneer. These jewellery lines show the traditions of Finnish design, which finds it’s inspiration from natural shapes and materials.

You can see how the light reflects in the nature in the pieces of the VALO line. The ILMA line is inspired by campfire birch shed, and how lightly the shed floats in the air and wind.

Nature & Heritage


All features, elements and details of the Bergman Heritage collection bear a distinctive mark of our diverse and phenomenal nature in their design as reminder of our special relationship with it.

Our heritage can be felt in the fine and refined details that all take to the beat and feeling of the Finnish way, and realized in the story of the Bergman Heritage collection.

Stories behind the names


Like all the names in the Bergman Heritage collection, Tenho, Auvo, Kuura, Osmo, Lumo and Ilmari are Finnish given names with a strong connection to our nature and traditions.

Tenho means magic of the Lapland and Lappish people, Auvo has a poetic connection to happiness and honor. Kuura is descriptivi name given to morning frost. Osmo has a double meaning of young or a husband man and wolverine. Lumo means charm and often attributed to the allure of Lapland. Ilmari is derived from the word Ilma, meaning air or wind, Ilmarinen was also the god of wind.

True Product of Santa Claus Finland


A legend tells us that once on his travels Ukko Bergman found his way to the secret location of Santa Claus’ cabin at the Ear Mountain. Santa was so impressed by this feat that he granted Ukko Bergman a map to the disclosed location, know only by people Santa truly trusts.

The aim of the Santa Claus Foundation is to improve
the well-beign of the children of the world. We represent the Finnish Santa Claus and maintain a strong network under a unified Christmas brand. Our partners represent the same story of the one and only true Santa Claus from Finland, Finnish. The Bergman Heritage Collection is proud to be a True Product of Santa Claus Finland.